The “Wealthy Affiliate” Review

My Affiliate Relationship Status – Yes

One of the first questions I always try to answer in my reviews of a product or service is what exactly is it. So, in this review, you might ask, “what is the wealthy affiliate program?”

Well, when I first started working online one of the first programs I came across was The Wealthy Affiliate Program. What first caught my eye was the very ad that you see to the left. Free Starter Membership … No Credit Card Needed. After all, I was just starting out and didn’t have a huge budget to work with. You can get more details about the program by simply clicking the image here.

The program is loaded with features and tons of online training regarding online marketing as well as a variety of other subjects. But the thing that impressed me the most was the fact that once you actually do join the program you are automatically enrolled in the affiliate marketing program promoting you guessed it “Wealthy Affiliate”. They also allow their members to develop and host 10 premium word press websites with their membership. And offer over 3000 WordPress Templates to help you get your first website up and running in minutes and not hours.

I am often asked can you really make money with the Wealthy Affiliate program? Well, I had my first promotional website up and running within a couple of days, and made my first sale of a yearly membership within a couple of weeks. So, the answer to that question is, “YES, you can make money with wealthy affiliate.”

They are an interactive site where the support among the members one for the other is unsurpassed. There is always someone who has been where you are and are willing to share with you their own trials and tribulations as well as their successes.

Within the program you also get your own personal blog where you can learn to perfect your writing style.

The social networking within the program is incredible, over the years I have made many friends at Wealthy Affiliate as a matter of fact I even started a small publishing company with one of the people I met there and we worked on publishing a few books together before she passed away.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews are all over the internet. After all the best way to market something as an affiliate in my personal opinion is to write a review similar to what I am doing here. Express your opinions for your audience. But the most important thing to always remember in writing such reviews is to be honest about your experiences.

Here are some of the incredible benefits of a Wealthy Affiliate membership:

    • Wealthy Affiliate
    • Price $49.00 Per Month (or Save by Joining Yearly)
    • Number of Websites:  10
    • Instant DNS Setup:    YES
    • Hosting Speed:    Amazon c3.large (faster)
    • Website Space:    30 GB
    • Bandwidth Included:   500K Visitors per Month
    • SSL Certificates:     Included Free
    • Site Builder Included:    YES
    • Staging Environment:    YES
    • Full Redundancy:            YES
    • Enterprise Security:        YES
    • Daily Website Backups: YES
    • 24/7 Access to Server Admins: YES
    • Email Accounts:      UNLIMITED
    • BotNet Security:     YES
    • SiteHealth:              YES
    • SiteComments:      YES
    • Website Feedback:  YES
    • Community Access: YES
    • 1on1 Marketing Mentorship:  YES

The company does offer an incredible affiliate bonus, if you successfully sell 300 memberships within a calendar year they take you on an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Super Affiliate Conference.

I would of course be remiss if I didn’t expose the things about the company that I was not particularly fond of because remember I promised you the good, the bad, and the ugly truths.

Just like in any social network you will occasionally come across one or two people who you may disagree with on-point or opinion. The best thing you can do in any such environment in my opinion is always to keep your eye on the prize. Don’t ever lose focus as to why you are there in the first place. To create a business and ultimately make money.

I have been a member of this program for a few years now and the overall experience has been enjoyable. So, if you too are interested in learning about the ins and outs of affiliate marketing why not check out the Wealthy Affiliate Program TODAY.