The “Partner With Anthony” Product Review

My Affiliate Relationship – Yes

In this program, which is basically set up in 30+ lessons or “sessions” as they are called in the program you will walk through the entire online success model in baby steps. You are allowed to open a session and complete it at your own pace with instruction and exercises designed to help you succeed in the internet marketing world of affiliate marketing. Some folks within the program get a little bit frustrated at the fact that they restrict access to the sessions, in other words when you complete a session they make the next session available 24 hours later. That time affords you the opportunity to set up your very own eco-system that will run your online business so you can set it and forget it.

Anthony Morrison is a self-made millionaire that began his internet marketing business while in college to help his family who at the time was struggling financially. The thing I was especially impressed about with this program was the sincerity of Anthony during his presentation of the material. Yes, he is a businessman and the program is designed for you to learn to promote online but he allows you to promote his products and services as a catalyst for your very own internet marketing business so you make money along with him, a win-win program if you ask me.

Having been a passionate professional educator myself for over 20 years, I truly appreciate the difference between a person who teaches because they are passionate and love what they do and one who is simply there to collect a paycheck.

Why not check out the Partner With Anthony Program TODAY! For the small investment of $7.00 per month, you will gain a wealth of knowledge from this insightful internet marketing maverick. Now to be completely transparent there are a few programs that you will need to successfully market your new business, a program to help you set up your sales funnels (We recommend Click Funnels – see our review coming soon). Then of course you will need to have an autoresponder, they do recommend GetResponse and these tools are all essential to your online marketing success. Of course, they do come at an additional cost.