Quitting Smoking and Hypnosis

As a professional hypnotist, one of the most common issues that we deal with is people desiring to quit smoking. After all we all know that smoking is not good for us, and if you have ever smoked then you know just how hard it is to quit on your own.

But like any other habit, your success at quitting smoking is primarily determined by your own personal commitment. That’s why whenever a client walks into my office for a quitting smoking session the first question that I ask them is why are you here? Of course, they always attempt to tell me because they want to quit smoking. But do they really want to quit, or has someone else told them they should quit? You see there is a big difference, and it is all about motivation.

If they themselves desire to quit smoking then the therapy will be effective and long lasting success is inevitable. But if someone else convinced them they should come for the session and it is not their true desire to quit, and they are doing it simply to appease someone else then the results will not be nearly as successful or long-lasting.

You see the hypnotist cannot make you do anything that you don’t want to do, at least not in the long range scope of things. You have to be committed to the decision, and willing to follow the treatment plan. Otherwise, don’t waste your time or your money.


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