Just Who Is Dr. Carl

And Why Should I Listen to Him???

Dr. Carl Welliver, Ph.D.is an ordained Christian Minister but is not tied to any particular denomination or Dogma. He is the Founding Pastor and General Overseer of the Church of Faith (an Internet Ministry or Church without Walls). This church was founded on the belief that by simply “doing what was right in your life, you are walking in faith.” He is also an accomplished self-help author with 20+ books to his credit, a Master Hypnotist, Complete Mind Therapist, Life and Business Success Coach, Educator, Internet Marketer, and Motivational Speaker. So, I guess you could say, he is about as well rounded as an individual could be when it comes to dispensing advice.

The Church of Faith

Pastor Carl after his ordination in 2006 met with his closest advisors and they had some decisions to make as to what the future would hold for him and his ministry. The decision was made that rather than seeking a position in a brick and mortar ministry that they would form the Church of Faith as an Internet Ministry.

Because he was not tied to any particular denomination it was decided that the new church would be based on the simple concept of living a good life, you know “doing unto others” and if the world were to practice that simple theology that it would be a much nicer place to live. For the next 12 years, he was actively engaged as the Founding pastor delivering his “message” every week to his ever-growing membership. Until entering semi-retirement to begin his writing career.

Dr. Carl the Hypnotist

As a teenager carl was always intrigued by hypnosis, he studied all the resources he could get his hands on about the subject. He often toyed around with his passion at parties, hypnotizing his friends as a side-show of sorts. But it wasn’t until he found himself in a position where he needed to make some positive changes in his own life that he really got serious about his hypnosis training.

You see Dr. Carl had a weight control problem. As a matter of fact, at his heaviest weight, he weighed a whopping 440 pounds. His family, his friends, and yes his doctor were always on his back about losing weight and getting healthy. But like anyone else with a life issue it wasn’t until he was ready to make the commitment to himself would he do anything about it. Suffering not only from morbid obesity he also had high blood pressure. he was a ticking time-bomb just waiting to explode.

Carl at 440 Pounds

Finally, during one of his doctor appointments, he made the first move, many people he knew had had various levels of success with Gastric Bypass surgery. Well, Carl wasn’t getting any younger so it was time for some serious consideration of pending health issues that he approached his physician about the possibility of the Bypass. So with a referral in hand, he sought out a well-known local surgeon to consult with. There was, of course, a slight problem, when he was a teen he had been involved in a serious car crash that ruptured his spleen. This made the full gastric bypass unlikely because of the amount of scar tissue in the area where the surgery would be required because of the removal of the spleen. So, his surgeon explained to him that there was an alternative, a gastric sleeve procedure. The only issue with that alternative was that he would most likely only be able to lose between 50-60% of his excess body weight. So let’s do some simple math here.

  440 Pounds (Starting Weight)
-190  Pounds (Ideal Goal Weight)
  250 Pounds (Excess Body Weight)
X60% (Maximum Expected Weight Loss Percentage)
 150 pounds (Potential Maximum Weight Loss)

This would have left him at 290 pounds. Now of course that would have been a huge improvement from the 440 pounds start weight. But it wasn’t what Carl had in mind. he went ahead with the surgery anyway as planned. And the doctor’s prediction was pretty accurate. You see he lost weight consistently until he plateaued at just over the 290-pound mark. But, he was stuck there for a couple of months. Everyone was impressed with the new Carl, with the exception of Carl himself. At 290 pounds he was still in his mind 100 pounds overweight. 

As he contemplated his situation he thought back to his teen years when he used his hypnosis to have his friends do the unthinkable, like hop on one leg, and cluck like chickens. That was the power of suggestion, and it worked, and if it worked then why couldn’t he use those same methods to help himself to shed the extra 100 pounds he wanted to get rid of. After all the surgeon had done his job and delivered on his promise to help get rid of the first 150 pounds, but still not completely satisfied Carl began studying hypnotherapy with a vengeance. he figured that if he could make such an incredible change in his life by that means that would be a catalyst to helping others deal with all sorts of life issues that they faced. So, he began recording a series of weight loss hypnosis recordings for himself. And by using those very recordings he was able over the course of the next few months shed that extra 100 pounds simply through the use of self-hypnosis.

Here is Carl today at 185 pounds today.

Carl at 185 Pounds

He has now maintained his weight loss for over two years and fluctuates between 185 -190 pounds.

Now he is happier than he has been in years, and healthier as well. these type of results are not always typical with the use of hypnosis because permanent weight loss requires self-discipline, habit change, and a true desire to accomplish your goals, but it is possible.

Since his success as his own guinea pig, he has gone on to help friends and others to make life changes in his private hypnosis practice.

Dr. Carl the Educator

Carl started out in the field of education back in 2000 when he joined a local driving school as a licensed driving instructor. Five years later he with his brother Bob opened their own driving school STOP-N-GO Driving Academy in Tyngsboro, Mass. They later opened branches in Peabody and Stoneham Massachusetts.

It was during this time that Dr. Carl developed his proprietary “Mind Movie Teaching Technique” to help thousands of students successfully pass their in-vehicle driver license road test. After the death of his brother and business partner, Carl decided to close STOP-N-GO back in September of 2020 after about six months after the start of the whole COVID-19 pandemic. But Carl didn’t retire from the business he has joined a local school as an instructor where he does occasional classroom instruction and driving lessons as well as private lessons still keeping himself actively involved in the business he so loved for over 20 years.

Dr. Carl the Author

Dr. Carl Welliver is an author in the self-help genre. His books are all self published on Amazon Kindle Publishing and can be found on his author page at Amazon.com just search Dr Carl Welliver. He began actively writing back in 2017 and still remains active today.

Some of his titles include:


Living the Life of YOUR Dreams!: Your attitude towards yourself will rule your future.

The Magical Power of Affirmations: Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Success…Taking Your Life to the Next Level

THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY…A COUNTRY DIVIDED: A Story of American Politics and the Electoral College 

Awakening the Spark of Spirit Within You: Getting to Know Your Spirit Guide 


Failure… Is NOT an Option!

Among others, why not check some out today?

Dr. Carl the Success Coach

As a life and business success coach Dr. Welliver consults with people on a regular basis giving them the benefit of his years of life and business success. He is passionate about helping others in all areas of life. So, if you need help in any area of your life why not set up an appointment on SKYPE or Zoom TODAY. Simply email him at DrCarl@CarlWelliver.com