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I am often asked if hypnosis really works? The best answer for that is absolutely!!!

Having studied hypnosis extensively and practiced the art I have become quite proficient in its applications. Now, my interest in the subject dates back over 45 years, when I was a teenager I used to go to parties and hypnotize some of my friends. It was comical to see them doing all sorts of goofy things like clucking like a chicken and hopping on one leg.

But when I first became involved in the serious study of the subject I decided that if it could work on me then I could get it to work on anyone. So when I started practicing professionally I decided that I would be my first client or my guinea pig if you will.

I was, to say the least, a portly fellow, heck let’s call it what it was. I was fatter than fat. I tipped the scales at 440 pounds. Now that is a huge mass of humanity. Now I always told myself and my family that I didn’t worry about what others around me thought, but nothing could have been further than the truth.  I knew that I was fat, and was well aware of what people thought, or what I imagined that they thought as I passed by them. One day as a matter of fact I was in the post office and there was a woman in there with her 3 or 4-year-old daughter. Now you know what they say about kids, what goes into their minds comes out of their mouths.
Well, this cute little girl looks over at me and she proclaims to the world, “You have nice hair” i know it was a long time ago and I actually had hair at the time. So, I replied, “well thank you so do you.” Then came the stinger. Then she looked at me and said, “You’ve got a fat belly.”  Of course, her mother was mortified (as any parent would be at such behavior). Now of course there was this innocent child that didn’t know the difference between what was right and wrong to say, and in all honesty, it wasn’t the first time someone had told me I was fat. I chuckled at the comment and told her mom not to worry about it. But deep down inside it hurt. Well, that day I made a decision. That I was going to turn my life around.

My next doctor’s appointment was a couple of weeks away, and of course, my doctor was always lecturing me about my weight (as he should have been). He had been trying to convince me for a couple of years to consider gastric surgery. But, I simply was not ready to hear about it, even though I knew I was fat I guess I was in denial. But this next appointment would be different. So I was the one to bring up the discussion before he had the chance to.

We started to put together the plans to meet with the gastric surgeon. An appointment was made and when I went to see him we had a candid discussion about what options were available at the time. Now back then the focus was on the full gastric bypass. But because of a serious car crash in my teen years, I was not a typical case. You see I had ruptured my spleen and it had been removed. Well, that meant that the area where the gastric bypass would be performed was loaded with scar tissue from the previous surgery.

So, we came up with two proposals to submit to the insurance company. the first would be to laparoscopically examine the area, and if the scar tissue was not as bad as we assumed it would be then proceed with the full gastric bypass. But if the area was loaded with scar tissue making the full bypass more dangerous and complicated that we would go to Plan B which would be a gastric-sleeve (not as popular back then).

Well the day of the surgery it was determined that the best option for me would be Plan B (the gastric-sleeve). Now before the surgery, the surgeon had explained that if that were the case I would not lose all the weight I wanted to with that option, as a matter of fact, that I should only expect to lose at best between 50-60% of my excess body weight.

So, let’s look at the math.

Starting Weight        440 pounds
Ideal Body Weight    190 pounds
Excess Body Weight  250 pounds   X  60%   =   150 pounds
Projected Weight      290 pounds

Now that would have been a great improvement, but in all honesty that was not what I wanted. But it turned out he was quite accurate in his prediction because after the surgery I lost pretty much what he had predicted the 150 pounds and then like someone turned off the weight loss switch I plateaued at 290 pounds.

Well, my family was ecstatic with the success to that point. After all at that point I was 2/3 the man I used to be. My friends were all ecstatic for me as well, heck I had transformed from a really fat guy to just a plain old fat guy. Everyone except me of course was okay with my progress even my doctor was overjoyed but I wanted to get to my ideal weight of 190 pounds. But, how was I ever going to accomplish that?

Well, I turmoiled and stressed as my weight stayed steady for a couple of months the scale wasn’t showing me any love at all. What was I going to do?

Well as I thought about it long and hard I thought back to my teenage years and how I had so much fun goofing on my friends as I made them do all sorts of stupid things under hypnosis. If I could do that to them, then why couldn’t I change my own behavior and lose the excess weight I so badly desired to lose.

So, I began doing more and more research on Weight Loss Hypnosis and the various successes. Heck if these other hypnotists could achieve results and I knew I was capable of hypnotizing others then why not try to hypnotize myself?

That would be my solution. I would record a custom weight loss hypnosis mp-3 for myself that I could listen to every night when I went to sleep. Now over the next year or so I had studied extensively and become certified by two hypnosis schools and organizations. I had learned my lessons well. And my own personal recordings were doing the trick. My weight started falling off again. Now during that time, I had modified my personal mp-3’s setting specific weight loss goals along the way, and as I approached each specific goal I would record the next recording for my own personal use.

Since I started that program I have successfully lost the additional 150 pounds and have maintained my weight between 185 and 195 for the last couple of years. I go up a couple of pounds then down a couple of pounds but have not gone below the 185 or over the 195 since I reached that goal.

So Here I am now at 190 pounds


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