Dr. Carl Speaks…

Good Day All,

Well, about a year ago I lost this particular domain because of oversight with a registration. But today I am back, so I will rebuild the site from the ground up.

So, what can you expect to find here on my site?

I am an author in the self-help genre (so you might find links to my various books from time to time). And I will set up an author’s page (Dr. Carl’s Bookshelf) so you will be able to view them all in one location.

I am a very Independent Thinker (so from time to time I may post some insights from the mind of the Dr.) Now of course you may or may not agree with what I have to say, but I love to interact with people and discuss the current day issues so, why not try to change my mind? Let’s have some intellectual debate, shall we?

I am a “non-denominational Christian Minister” so that often plays into my thoughts and opinions, but I respect everyone’s rights to their opinions, so don’t be offended, just stating how I feel on certain subjects and encourage you the reader to do the same.

I am an “Affiliate Marketer” ok, so I said it. But don’t hate me for it, what the heck everyone has to make a living right? So in that respect, I will do product reviews for various products that I have affiliate relationships with as well as products that I use and just plain old like and think would be valuable resources for my readers. I will however state clearly in the reviews whether or not I am affiliated with the products so there is no misunderstanding as to my relationship with the product vendor(s).

Let’s work together to make this page an incredible resource for all, and while we are at it let’s simply have some fun in the process.

Thanks for stopping by and come back again REAL SOON!